Kiambu Minister Discloses Saga Behind Withdrawal of Official Vehicle

Kiambu County CEC Kigo Njenga during a past function

Kiambu County minister on Friday stated that he was shocked over the recent withdrawal of his official vehicle by Deputy Governor James Nyoro.

Speaking to this reporter, Kigo Njenga who is the Finance CEC of the region, stated that the vehicle had been taken without any official communication from the county government.

He explained that the vehicle was recalled from the County Offices where it was kept at night, but failed to give the day the incident occurred.

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro during a past interview

The vocal leader hinted that the move was done out of hate or jealousy from the deputy governor.

“I think he (Nyoro) did it out of hate or jealousy.”

“You should call him and ask him why he did that yet i am entitled to an official vehicle in the same way he has one.” remarked Njenga.

The minister reiterated that he would use his own money and personal car to do his duty to the people of Kiambu.

A week ago, Nyoro was sued after making changes to the county government cabinet.

The petition that was filed by one Bernard Chege Mburu, pointed out that the second in command had no powers to issue such changes.

Mburu, claimed that the decision by Nyoro would have resulted in chaos in the region as the transfers were not approved by Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

“The illegal acts of the Deputy Governor will create a stalemate that will gravely affect service delivery to the people of Kiambu especially as one of the dockets affected is Finance,” read a part of the petition.

Deputy Governor Ferdinand Waititu during a court hearing

Nyoro through a gazette notice, had transferred the Finance CEC to the Trade department and moved the Trade CEC to the finance docket.

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