How Nairobi Married Couples are Exchanging Partners Every Weekend

Swinging might sound so strange for a lot of people and people might not really understand it. This is an act of husbands and wives swapping and engaging in sexual activities with other strange partners.

Visiting a strip club frequently is disrespectful to your marriage, your partner, who is probably busy reheating your favorite meal as you indulge, and believe it or not, it is disrespectful even to the young women who strip for money.

Swinging mostly happens in the high-end estates and also the high-class partners are the ones who are always involved with these. Well secured residences in Muthaiga, Westlands, Hurlingham, Spring Valley, Lavington, Rossylin and Kitusuru are always identified as the main sites.

While hints of the practice have occasionally featured in past media reports, interviews with multiple sources indicate a rise in swinging, especially among middle-class couples. “Some regularly hold weekly spouse swapping sessions

Kenyans will always have something to say regarding these:

I’ve always been into swinging coz sharing is caring
Who wants to help me form a swingers club?

Swinging is a much safer alternative to having an affair
Plus it keeps things fresh for both of us

Mtajipata na mandume pekee meeting mtajua hamjui.

Swapping and swinging however is different. Swapping is common in most communities. Kenya last heard of wife swap in Busia a few days ago.

This has been a subject of discussion if you can swap your spouse for another after the Bungoma incident.

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