Don’t Compete with Me – Amber Ray Warns Ladies

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray has a captivating fashion sense and is eager to show it every time she steps out. 
The curvaceous socialite has for the first time revealed the source of her expensive and fancy clothes.
Taking to her Instagram account, Amber revealed that she is paid to dress up,  put on makeup and long nails, that’s what put food on her table.

“I am a model, I am paid to dress up, I am paid to put on makeup and to keep my long nails. I have a lipstick brand…that is how I put food on the table,” she wrote.

She went on to warn ladies against competing with her.

“You, however, my beautiful ladies out there, you are spending your last penny to keep up, you struggle to buy expensive outfits that you can’t really afford.”

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She further schooled those ladies who want to look good but can’t afford.

“Siz, life is not a competition, if you make it one, you might take a position that was never yours in the first place and thus never ever gets to meet who you really were meant to be. So take a breather, find yourself and if you still wanna look good and maybe can’t afford,” she revealed.


Amber Ray first made headlines in 2016 when she started dating and consecutively married prominent Kisii politician and businessman, Zaheer Jhanda.

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