Mututho Calls Out Kihika and Lee Over Petty Fights

Former NACADA Chairman John Mututho during a past media briefing

Former NACADA Chairman John Mututho appealed to Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and Senator Susan Kihika to end their protracted squabbles and instead focus on their mandate of improving the livelihoods of Nakuru residents.

Mututho stated that intense bickering among the duo in recent times, has hampered development in the region which has immense potential to develop into a commercial hub.

His concern comes one week after Senator Kihika had declared her interest in the Nakuru gubernatorial race in 2022 after she revealed that she had received an apparent endorsement from six members of parliament in the County.

Kihika, who of late has become the governor’s harshest critic, has been intensifying criticism against Governor Kinyanjui over the 2018/2019 Auditor General’s report that queried billions of shillings uncollected by the Nakuru County Government.

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika during a past public function

In the report, Nakuru County Government is grappling with arrears of at least Ksh 4 billion, owed as rent for land, market stalls and liquor license fees, a development that Kihika says augurs badly for the region that is keen on realizing solid development.

As she whips anti Lee sentiments in her public speeches, the senator maintained that this was an indicator of under performance of a governor who rose to office on the platform of change, participatory leadership and efficiency.

Speaking in Nakuru on Wednesday evening, Mututho advised the two leaders to work closely in ensuring the citizens of Nakuru find value for their money instead of intensifying wrangles that he says bear no value to the lives of residents.

Mututho challenged Senator Kihika to clear her name over questionable financial impropriety during her tenure as Nakuru County Assembly Speaker between 2013 and 2017 instead of seeking opportunities to foment disaffection against the incumbent county executive.

Mututho urged the senator to allow the governor ample time to execute his development blue print and execute county integrated development plans that he says are centered on focal social economic concerns in the County.

The two time gubernatorial contestant for Nakuru also appealed to the six legislators fronting the senator as a suitable 2022 gubernatorial candidate for Nakuru to desist from unjustified criticism and premature campaigns and focus on service delivery.

Mututho challenged the region’s political leadership to accord the governor the needed complementary support to improve fundamental infrastructure in Nakuru town before pursuing the city charter.

He expressed concern at the manner a section of the political leadership in Nakuru was using the city charter to generate political mileage.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui during a past public address

Mututho in addition, requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to award the charter to Nakuru only when it qualifies for the award.

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