Governors Kickstart Plans to Change the Constitution

Wycliffe Oparanya
Council of Governors Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya [Photo, Courtesy]
The Council of Governors (COG) said on Thursday that it had started plans to propose the amendment of the constitution through the Ugatuzi Initiative.

In a statement to newsrooms, COG said the aim for the new push for constitutional reforms is to strengthen devolution and devolved structures.

The initiative proposes a range of changes in the executive, legislature and judiciary arms of the government.

Ugatuzi Initiative proposed changes to the structure of Government

In the executive, it seeks to introduce the position of Prime Minister as Head of Government and two Deputy Prime Ministers.

It also proposes to have the president appoint not more than 18 ministers and 22 deputies from among Members of Parliament, and at least one-third to be appointed from outside Parliament.

Furthermore, the initiative advocates that each county must be represented in the Government to have either a Cabinet Minister, Deputy Minister or a Principal Secretary.

It also seeks to introduce the position of the Deputy leader of the opposition, who will be under the leader of the opposition.

The initiative also wants to introduce the position of Attorney General and Law Office in every county. Similarly, it wants all the counties to have their own Gazette.

Furthermore, it seeks for senators to have more powers regarding the passing of new laws.

The initiative also wants the president not to assent to any Bill unless passed by the Senate. More to that, it also recommends that the Senate be involved in the approval of International Treaties.

On corruption, the COG seeks to give the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission prosecutorial powers.

On sharing of national revenue, COG proposes: “For every financial Year the equitable share of the revenue raised nationally for County Governments shall not be less than 45% of the previous year’s revenue collected by the National Government and calculated on the basis of declared exchequer accounts”.


The new proposal to push for constitutional changes comes at a time when counties are in the process of debating Punguza Migizo Bill.

Unlike the COG initiative which seeks to introduce more positions for leaders, the Punguza Mizigo Bill proposes radical measures to trim them.

Besides introducing a one-term 7-year presidency, the bill proposed that the size of Parliament be reduced from 416, to 147.

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