Thugs Break Into Cuban Doctor’s House in Homa Bay Town

Police at a crime scene

Police in Homa Bay are investigating an incident where thugs broke into the house of a Cuban doctor in Homa bay town and stole house hold items of unknown value on Wednesday morning.

The house which belongs to Doctor Blanco Torres Marlenis is situated at the County Health Department headquarters in Homa bay town.

The thugs who gained entry into the compound through the fence, made away with electronic devices such as a Television set, music system, microwave, blenders and several kitchen wares of unknown value.

Doctor Torres stated that she was awoken at around 2 am after a telephone conversation with her family back in Cuba when she heard the thugs breaking into the house and gained entry through the sitting room.

Aerial View of Homa Bay Town

Torres added that the thugs ransacked the house as she listened pointing out that she could not call for help as she feared the thugs could kill her.

She further revealed that the thugs also cooked some of the food items which were kept in the refrigerator and ate in the kitchen before they disappeared.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Esther Seroney who confirmed the incident remarked that they have deployed investigators from Homa Bay Police Station to probe the matter.

Seroney added that two Police officers who were assigned to guard the doctor’s house at the time of the incident would be questioned.

The police boss highlighted that the record in the guard’s office indicated that they reported on duty on Tuesday night.

Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital

Homa Bay County Government hired two Cuban doctors Dr.Blanco Torres (Family physician) and Dr.Juan Ramos (orthopedic) both attached to the County Referral Hospital.

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