Why Foreigners Fear Nairobi’s Streets

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Nairobi City. PHOTO: Courtesy

In a new survey that has taken the country by surprise, Nairobi has been ranked as the most dangerous town in East and Central Africa.

The poll which targeted over 20,000 expats working in over 187 countries, foreigners revealed the exact reasons why they are better off being driven around than walking the streets.

A sizeable number revealed that the streets are unsafe and that thugs were on the prowl, targeting foreigners who roamed the streets.

Going by the report’s findings, Nairobi is far more dangerous than terror hotbed Baghdad, Mogadishu, Syria, Tripoli and Kabul.

In the report, a Croatian expat disclosed that Nairobi streets are often dirty, unsafe and riddled with pathetic traffic jams.

“The roads are in an awful state, traffic is just terrible, and the city is dirty!” another expat said.

In the report by InterNations,  Brazil was ranked the most dangerous country to live in, with South Africa coming close at Second place.

South Africa was gripped with widespread xenophobic attacks leading to the destruction of foreign businesses and loss of lives.

Nigeria was ranked the third dangerous country with Peru, India, Turkey and Argentina following respectively.

Egypt was ranked position eight following widespread political instability with the Dominican Republic following at ninth and Colombia closing in at position 10.

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