Accident Involving 3 Vehicles Causes Major Traffic Snarl Up in Nairobi


A heavy traffic snarl-up has been caused by a road accident that happened on Tuesday evening at Langata Road outbound near T-Mall, involving three vehicles.

Sources privy to the accident revealed that a Nissan Matatu rammed into a Toyota Prado, which in turn pushed a small passenger vehicle into a ditch.

There were no reported injuries in the 4 p.m. accident.

Netizens took on Twitter to warn motorists to avoid using that route and instead look for alternative ways to get to their destination.

On Monday, six people were killed and several others injured following an accident involving five vehicles at Makobeni bridge, on the Mazeras-Kaloleni road in Kilifi.

The wreckage following a road accident involving five vehicles at Makobeni bridge on the Mazeras-Kaloleni road in Kilifi. Photo Courtesy

The accident occurred when a saloon car, which was heading towards Kilifi collided with a trailer heading to Mombasa from Kaloleni.

Two buses and another lorry were also involved in the accident, leading to a huge traffic snarl-up that lasted for over three hours.

An eye witness present at the crash claimed many accidents had occurred in the area in recent times due to lack of speed bumps and uncleared road bushes.

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