6 Types of Ladies You Will Find In a Food Kibanda

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Food kibandas have become very common in Kenya and quite a good number of people would prefer going for their meals at these joints.

To begin with, these food joints are so affordable for average Kenyans and are located strategically making them easily accessible.

Although food kibandas come with all the praise, some people also have reasons why they will never eat from such joints.

A food Kibanda is one of the places you will meet with all kinds of people in terms of attitude and behaviour.

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From my observation, men are more likely to visit these food kibandas than women.

Some Kenyan women associate Kibanda’s with the lower class group and many would prefer having a packed meal or order fast food.

However, this does not mean that you will not come across one or two ladies in the local food joints.

Here are some of the ladies you will find in a food Kibanda

1.The Slay Queen

Her looks will be the first thing you notice; while everyone in the food joint maintains a level of simplicity. She is likely to be overdressed and with conspicuous makeup.

She looks out of place and this is the type that will seemingly try so hard to show off her sense of class.

She will ask for a fork and knife to eat her githeri and beef.

2. Mwenyeji

This group of ladies know the famous local joints and will even recommend them to their friends.

Mostly, they know the menu and every detail including where the washroom and kitchen is.

She knows the cooks and will always get a discount for her meals.

2.The Lost one

She does not know how to behave at a local Kibanda. She simply goes to one because that is where all her friends go to.

She is more likely to order foods that are not even on the menu.

3.The broke ones

This category of ladies would only go to the local joints because they are broke. They are not ashamed to bargain.

4.The complainer

She is petty and will always complain about very small things. This one does not shy off from criticizing the services.

They will complain about how the food tastes but will still go ahead and eat or order another plate.

  1. The Picky eater

We have all come across a picky eater or two. When this happens in local joints, it could be pretty annoying.

A picky eater would order food only to take a few bites or order something different simply because they did not like it.

5.The clean freak

She will always carry her serviettes, wet wipes and will use her hand sanitizer after holding some items at the local food joint.









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