Why DP Ruto Scares Me to the Bone- Mt Kenya MP Reveals

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A Mount Kenya Member of Parliament has come to reveal why he harbours an existential fear for Deputy President William Ruto.

In the revelation, the vocal MP- Ngunjiri Wambugu stated that DP Ruto’s demeanour bears all the hallmarks of a leader who may mete violence to his opponents should he ascend to power in 2022.

Asked why he feared DP Ruto’s presidency, the MP remarked:  “As far as I am concerned, I think William Ruto is a smart politician without a conscience, that scares me”

Wambugu claimed that DP Ruto was so fixated to the 2022 polls that he would do anything to be President.

“To him, the end justifies the means,” Wambugu added.

This followed an earlier remark Wambugu made while on the Pointblank show in KTN that:

“The current political set-up scares me to the point where I imagine giving full power to William Ruto in our current setting, no.”

During the Interview with K24’s Ann Kiguta, Wambugu alleged that Deputy Ruto had taken to doing everything within his means, even undermining his boss- Uhuru Kenyatta- on his way to 2022 Presidency.

“Right now he’s running for Presidency, and he is going to do anything he can to get to the Presidency including undermining his boss- which is what he’s doing right now; that scares me,” Wambugu stated.

Ngunjiri also revealed an intricate plan by DP Ruto to go it all alone to the 2022 ballot after sensing President Kenyatta had ‘betrayed’ him.

The MP said DP Ruto had repeatedly defied calls by President Kenyatta against early campaigns, saying in a meeting in 2017, Kenyatta demanded four years of dedicated service after which he would campaign for DP Ruto in his last year.

After his attempts to reign in his Deputy failed, President Kenyatta would go ahead to reveal, while in a Central Kenya tour, that his choice in 2022 will come as a surprise.

President Kenyatta has had a frosty relationship with his Deputy who has claimed that the war on corruption was targeted to the Kalenjin community and that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was being used by the State to settle political scores.




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