MP Waruguru Makes Major 2022 Political Announcement

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Laikipia county Women Representative Catherine Waruguru. Photo/File

Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru has hinted at running for the county gubernatorial seat in the 2022 General Election.

Speaking on Sunday shortly after allegedly being ordered out of AIPCA church in Nanyuki, Waruguru revealed that she might consider vying for the county’s top job in order to silence her critics.

The Ruto die-hard supporter claimed that despite her probable breastfeeding state, she will still run, exhibiting confidence that the people of Laikipia will elect her.

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Waruguru together with DP William Ruto at a past event. Photo/File

Waruguru explained that her decision to run will only be based on what the current governor will have achieved at the end of his term, adding that if his scorecard will be good, then she will have no problem adding him a second term.

“I will vie for that seat while breastfeeding and I know people will vote for me. But first, let us examine their scorecard and we might consider them for a second term,” expressed Waruguru.

She was addressing her supporters at Thingithu grounds where she castigated nominated MP Maina Kamanda.

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Nominated MP Maina Kamanda

This was after the vocal MP, together with her supporters, had been accused of storming a Sunday service at AIPCA church, where Kamanda and other Kieleweke leaders had been invited.

According to reports, the presiding Bishop Ndirangu Ngunjiri was forced to stop Waruguru and her team from entering the church as she had not been invited.

However, Waruguru, together with hundreds of her supporters, stayed put forcing the bishop to lead Kamanda out using another door once the group got to church.

According to the bishop, Waruguru had arrived accompanied by over 200 drunken supporters and that is why she was not given a chance to address the congregation.

Waruguru, however, defended her presence as legitimate and instead accused the bishop and Laikipia Deputy Governor, John Mwaniki, of sponsoring those who opposed her presence in the church.

“We want to tell Bishop Ndirangu that he was the one who was cooking breakfast in the Deputy President’s Karen home recently when the members of the clergy visited him. He should be very clear on which political divide he is subscribed to,” remarked Waruguru.

A fierce battle between Jubilee’s Kieleweke and Tanga-tanga camps have ensued with members from the two sides occasionally throwing jabs at each other.

The Kieleweke team, which supports the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, has been accusing their rivals, who support DP William Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions, of undermining the big 4 agenda through early campaigns.

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