7 Times Mihadarati Singer’s Dresscode Left Us Speechless

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Fast rising artiste Stivo Simple Boy is not just popular for his music but his style and fashion has equally got Kenyans talking.

The Mihadharati hitmaker has won Kenyans hearts for being real and authentic in his music.

For some reason, his vybe has attracted many and he has earned a huge following ever since he came into the limelight.

Describing his fashion sense, particularly his dress-code, Stivo dresses in a rather unique style and has severally got tongues wagging for stepping out in peculiar outfits.

Stivo has managed to embrace both the gangster look and what can be explained as quite simple and casual.

Apart from his dress-code, Stivo set the internet of fire after a photo of him in a funny haircut surfaced online.

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Marc Calvin Hehehhee I love you…But the hairstyle looks like some abandoned fish pond…Or some forest marked for evictions

Hawked eyes Kenyans have severally commented about Stivo’s  prevailing taste and some do not shy off from making fun of him

What Kenyans think about his style

Whoever be em designers of these guys, must be prosecuted 🤣🤣🤣
Endelea tuu ivo stevo boy, usijali Ma haters not all people can appreciate what you are doing, utaenda far just be focused


Sasa mwenye alidress cute boys association aliwapea glasses na kofia kuficha sura zao ama…..because walivaa exactly hivi show ya chipukeezy last time😂😂😂


Uko juu @stivosimpleboy

Have a look at some of the dresscodes that left Kenyans speechless.

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