Second Annual African Copyright and Collective Management Day Kicks Off 

The second edition of the African Copyright and Collective Management Day officially kicked off today, Septemeber 14 and will focus on celebrating author’s rights.

Creators and authors societies will be joined by special artist ambassadors for the Africa-wide event which has hopes to inform, educate and draw attention to the vibrant contributions of creators and copyright to the lives of millions throughout Africa and beyond.

Copyright and collective management are tools for creators, just like paintbrushes, guitars or cameras. They are also keys to economic development, contributing enormously to the well-being of countries and continents. This is why CISAC is helping raise awareness about its importance across Africa.

Music Copyright Society of Kenya(MCSK) has also made sure that Kenya has also celebrated the event.

MCSK has chosen to celebrate this important event by partnering with broadcasters, through its Copyright Ambassadors by visiting the major broadcasting stations and appealing to them and other users to pay royalties for the benefit of all authors.

Time has come for Kenyan creators to express themselves with dignity for their rights and the protection of their works not only regarding themselves but also for their children who will embrace the career of being artists’ tomorrow.

The event comes at a time when the Collective Management Organisation (CMO) sent the highest amount of cash to their 14,000 members after collecting Ksh 37 million.

In a tweet, MCSK explained that they have not received any money from any broadcasters who exploit local music adding that the best way was to do a general distribution

“We made a general distribution because if we strictly followed scientific distribution then 70% of the money collected will be paid to the international societies. We all know that Kenyan music receives little airplay. The figures you’d received would be less.” Read the tweet. 

The society sent Ksh 2500 to each member, the highest they have since they started.

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