Wairimu’s Lawyer Differs With DCI Kinoti as Cohen’s Mutilated Body is Found

Tob Cohen
Tob Cohen and his estranged wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho. [Photo, Courtesy]
Philip Murgor, the Lawyer to Sarah Wairimu Cohen has come to the defence of her client saying no tests have been done to confirm that the body found inside a manhole at a compound at Kitisuru, Spring Valley Road in Nairobi belongs to the late’s tycoon Tob Cohen.

The body of Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen was on Friday found buried in his home more than 40 days after he was reported missing.

Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti said the body was discovered inside an underground water tank.

“Members of the family have already identified the body as that of Tob Cohen,” DCI Kinoti said.

He said he had no doubts that the body which had bad wounds belongs to the late tycoon.

Until Friday when detectives discovered the tycoon body, no one exactly knew what had happened to the golf events millionaire.

Tob Cohen. Police found his missing body inside a manhole in his compound at Kitisuru, Spring Valley Road in Nairobi [Photo, Courtesy]
During the investigations to determine his whereabouts after he was reported missing, his wife and workers told police that he left the compound and bordered a white car never to be seen again.

They also said that the millionaire had removed CCTV cameras at the gate and the ones present during the time of investigations were replaced two weeks after he went missing.

What’s more? Wairimu claimed her husband was “mentally disturbed” and he had left the country for Thailand to seek treatment.

However, investigators established that Cohen never left the country and that his phone went off near Parklands on July 20.

Consequently, Wairimu was arrested on August 28 and interrogated at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters over the tycoon’s disappearance.

She was arraigned in court the next day and detained for 12 days. The judge ruled that she remain in police custody until September 12.

On Thursday this week, Wairimu was again arraigned in court to face murder charges but did not take plea.

The court ordered that she undergoes a mental assessment. She is the prime suspect in the murder of her husband.

Wairimu has no children from her marriage to the late Cohen. The two were reportedly embroiled in a bitter divorce case.

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