Susan Kaittany shares The Real Reason Why She Has Never Shown Her Man

Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany is a lady admired by many. In an interview, Kaittany described herself as a shy-celeb one who likes doing things in the best way she knows how and likes living life off social media.

For those who don’t know, Kaittany is one of Kenya’s fast-rising businesswomen. She wears many hats; from being a qualified lawyer to founding Posh Palace (a boutique beauty parlour) to being a brand ambassador and fashion model all the while being a mother of two and a wife.

“I am quite introverted. I am not about the masses. I am very niche. I don’t like cameras. I am very motherly. I might look like a party girl but I am not,” she said.

From her social media posts, Kaittany seems to be a lady of her words. Her posts reveal a fashion model and a go-getter, keeping her life private, it’s actually hard to point out much about her life.

“I have learned the importance of creating your own space without following a crowd for the sake (of it). Celeb! So what! Is it helping me or am just posing for photos if I attend those events.”

Even though things turned out rocky with her former business partner Betty Kyalo, Kaittany has managed to remain victorious amid the ugly backlash. Their friendship turned ugly a few years ago when Kyallo called police claiming Susan had confiscated her passport. Days later Kyalo confirmed on social media that she had left the premises as an employee.



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