School Should Admit Rastafarian Students – High Court Rules

Rastafarians during a past court hearing

The High Court, on Friday, delivered its ruling on whether Rastafarianism is a religion or not.

The third highest court in the country ruled that the disputed culture was a religion like any other.

The judgement was passed in a case where Olympic High School had demanded a minor to shave her dreadlocks.

The court stated that the demand by the school was unlawful.

Kenya High Court

In January 2019, a Rastafarian father moved to court in a bid to seek justice for his daughter, who had been denied admission at the school for having dreadlocks.

Wambui Shadrack had sued the management of the school for chasing away the Form One student, identified as Makena Ndinda, from the learning institution.

He remarked that he had approached the school board but his case was dismissed.

“I have sought audience with the deputy headteacher, headmaster and education officer based in Kibra and explained that the dreadlocks are as a result of cultural and religious beliefs and no one has listened to us,” stated Shadrack.

The then Education CS Amina Mohammed had, however, intervened in the matter and ordered the school to admit the 15-year-old as the case went on.

Sports CS Amina Mohamed during a past meeting

CS Amina reiterated that Ndida was entitled to education like any other student.

She pointed out that schools were not allowed to determine which religion or culture was to be accepted.

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