Ngunjiri Wambugu Reveals Secret Reasons behind DP Ruto’s Frequent Visits to Mt. Kenya Region

Nyeri Town MP believes DP Ruto’s frequent visits to central region is being energised by his selfish personality.

Nyeri Town Member of Parliament (MP) Ngunjiri Wambugu has fired yet another shot towards the Deputy President(DP) William Ruto over his perennial visits to the Mt. Kenya Region.

The ardent critic of DP Ruto took to social media to share his thoughts on why he thinks his deputy party leader has been forced to make frequent visits to the central region.

In his analysis, the MP asserts that DP Ruto is a selfish man who has chosen to make early political campaigns for personal reasons whose basis lies in his desire to run the government alone.

” Ruto understands that if he allows Mt Kenya to negotiate with him like Uhuru did with him in 2013 he will not fully control government post-2022.

But he does not want to ‘share’ government with anyone in 2022,” said the MP.

According to the MP, Ruto’s political strategy is to snatch central votes from President Uhuru so that no negotiations will be fronted as far as structuring if his government is concerned.

“He(Ruto) has decided to side-step Uhuru and go directly to the region’s voters to get the votes directly. That way he will not have to negotiate anything National for the region as a whole.

He can offer them ‘local’ promises one part of the region at a time, and even turn some sections of the region against others if he has to,” added the MP.

Member of Kieleweke faction at a previous political event.

The MP further claims the DP has offered a section of central regions MCAs and MPs  monetary support to initiate a rebellion towards President Uhuru so that he can fund their 2022 campaigns in return.

“To further hedge his bets and raise his chances for success in this plan he is also facilitating these MCAs and MPs that he has bought from the region.

To initiate and cultivate an active grass-root-based rebellion against Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership in the region using the ‘hustler-vs-dynasty’ narrative,” said the MP.

The MPs calculations alludes that the DP cannot achieve his presidential dream alone since President Uhuru controls 11 counties with a cumulative votes of at least 6.5 million while Ruto controls six with at least 1.9 million voters.

With that in mind, the MP says, the DP is in dire need of Mt. Kenya votes to ascend to power but because of his egocentric ambitions, he would rather grab the votes than giving room for any negotiations that will see the government shared.

Wambugu has been one of the fierce critics of DP Ruto and together with other MPs from Jubilee Party they formed a political faction dubbed Kieleweke .

The group, ostensibly, tends to inform the DP that central region will not support him automatically.

Among the MPS who have been criticising DP Ruto’s visits to central region include Nominated MP Maina Kamanda, Cherangani MP Joshua Kutuny among many former MPs.


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