Natalie Tewa Speaks on Getting Back Together With Rnaze

Tewa and Rnaze (Vivo)
Tewa and Rnaze (Vivo)

Natalie Tewa has spoken on whether a reunion between her and ex Rnaze Moses is possible after their acrimonious breakup a few months ago.

This was in a conversation with a fan on Twitter who asked Tewa to give Rnaze a chance since he was suffering without her.

“Bana rnaze anahurumisha just take him back,” a fan wrote and Tewa snapped back with “He is still very salty I can see. That chapter closed a long time.”

Earlier on Natalie had revealed that dating is not on her agenda any time soon. She also told fans to accept that she and Rnaze were done as they were not even talking after their public reconciliation.

“Everyone has been asking me, how are you guys doing? Do you talk? Are you still together low-key and we don’t know?” Natalie said in a Q&A video.

Miss Tewa replied with, “To be honest that relationship has ended and I hope you guys would accept and move on. We have to move on from things in the past. It was good while it lasted. Okay? Unfortunately, it ended on a very bad note and we reconciled and made a statement but we are not talking.”

Tewa and Rnaze (Vivo)
Tewa and Rnaze (Vivo)

“We are not talking because I feel that space is necessary and I don’t feel very comfortable talking to my exes, for me that is not even an option. It was a really weird break up. I felt like I was going through a divorce. I have honestly never invested that much in a relationship in my life. It felt like it was my first relationship in my 25 years and going through that breakup was very difficult and tough. I did learn a lot, you live and you learn. I felt that I was also quite naïve and going into a relationship that was not very healthy for me. I hope people will understand that and stop asking me or telling me to go back. I am never going back, it ended. That’s done,” she said.

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