Turf Wars! Kiss FM and NRG Erect Billboards Next to Each Other(Photos)

One Nairobi Rooftop building has awed a whole lot of passers-by. This is after Kiss 100 erected a billboard with Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe after they joined the Morning Breakfast.

KISS 100 made the boldest move yet when they poached Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe from NRG Radio to take over their flagship breakfast show.

Kamene and Kibe resigned from NRG Radio in late June and paid their ex-employer three months’ salary in lieu of notice.

NRG Radio having invested in developing their own talent (photoshoots, concerts, billboards, fancy cars and all), quickly moved to court citing breach of contract and secured a court order barring Kamene and Kibe from going on air on July 1, 2019.

Combined with the fact that they still had the same playlist with the same 100 songs, they were definitely turning off the few remaining fans they had left.

They were sued by NRG Radio over a three-month non-compete clause in the radio station’s employment contracts, according to court documents.

However, NRG radio hasn’t brought down the billboard and Kiss decided to ‘overshadow’ them with a new one donning their new presenters.

Kenyans have realized that its NRG who still have an issue because from the ‘FBI’s in the city, it seems like Kiss had erected theirs first.

Kiss was here first

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