Michelle Ntalami’s classy response after accusations of smashing Fena gitu

PHOTO/COURTESY Michelle Ntalami Instagram

Marini Naturals founder Michelle Ntalami has today fired back at a fan who threw lesbian insults at her online.

Ntalami had shared a photo of her with one of her closest friends; Fena Gitu before the fan went overboard to post a nasty comment.

The Instagram user identified as kym_spammer suggested that Ntalami that Fena has been licking Ntalami’s privates and this did not settle well with her.

PHOTO/COURTESY Michelle Ntalami Instagram

Najua anakulamba mkundu


@kym_spammer Your name is Kym Spammer.. I’m sorry I can’t. 🚫


@michelle.ntalami what’s your point sweetie ?


@kym_spammer Spammer, sweetie. 💋

PHOTO/COURTESY Michelle Ntalami Instagram

The rumours that Fena and Ntalami are an item are not new in these streets yet no one can prove them as true or ever publicized evidence on the same.

On several occasions, they all ride along to the claims without agreeing or disagreeing to imply that they do not owe anyone an explanation.

In this recent post, Ntalami shamed the fan who threw insults at her and rubbished the comment terming it as irrelevant.

Apart from being good friends, the two also work buddies. Fena Gitu is also an ambassador of Marini Naturals and has had that role for 2 consecutive years now.

Their closeness seems to bother many and although Fena has severally made it clear that the issue of sexuality is a private matter; some fans seem to be extremely curious.

Celebrities are mostly victims of online hate and most of them end up being judged based on petty issues.

Fena Gitu has not just been rumoured to be Ntalami’s lover but also Edith Kimani among other ladies.

Despite these speculations, she has never publicly revealed anything about her dating life and prefers to keep it private like many of the celebrities do.

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Old friendships die hard. ♥️ @fenamenal

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