Young Lady who Earned Sh. 200 a Day to Raise School Fees Marvels Netizens

Being born in a poor family is not a choice but how we react to poverty is a choice! Meet Lucia Wambui Wanjiru- a young lady from Gatundu who defied odds by working 12 hours a day to raise school fees to join the university.

The story of Wanjiru as narrated by former Kiss 100 radio queen Caroline Mutoko brings out a young woman whose heart is after ending poverty.

Lucy revealed that she lost her mother when she was too young leaving her under the care of her grandmother who is old, and sick. Having no one to run to, ther poor girl had to do everything by her self to join University after scoring B(plus) in KCSE.

Image Courtesy; Lucia’s home

As they say, those who leave a heart in what they do never go unnoticed, after picking tea and doing other menial farm jobs from 6 am to 6 pm earning Ksh.200 per day, Lucia finally meets the light at the end of the tunnel as scholarship comes calling her name!

Taking to social media, Caroline who moved from being a radio presenter to a local vlogger shared a video featuring ever-smiling Lucia sharing how she struggled her way to the doors of Kenyatta University, and how soon scholarship came her way so timely when she was contemplating taking a break from school.

Here is the story;

In her post, Caroline described Lucia as a lady with an infectious smile who could inspire people who are going through tough times thinking that all hope is gone!

She missed an A- by one point. She picked tea from 6am to 6pm to get her 1st-semester fees at Kenyatta University. Her story is what you need if you ever think “all hope is lost.” She has an infectious laugh and her spirit makes it an honour to be in her presence. I am a better person for having met her. Barclays – Thank you. Truly a #Forceforgood

Caroline wrote;

Lucy and Caroline Mutoko

Not all young people have the zeal to push through hard times. Most of them succumb to the common urge to quit whose voice is too loud during hard times. Every Instagram user who came across caroline’s post expressed how touched they were by the story of Lucia.



When we are oversleeping in the morning someone somewhere is already working at a tea farm to make ends meet..When we throw away food or eat expensive food someone somewhere is starving…😕

Stories that make me tear! I love her positive spirit irrespective, God bless her… least you SHOULD have done caroline was just to hug her , embrace he r n Share the l❤️❤️ such an amazing soul!


Wambui made cry sad and happy tears in one go because She Overcome and Gatundu did not hold her back, neither did 6am to 6pm as in Nothing stoped Wambui, not even excuses!!!! Wambui hata sisi tulisoma na scholarship I feel you and I am proud of you ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Beautiful!! Wow for sure the sky is the limit for Lucia


Wow! Such an Inspiring story

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