Video: How Konshens Made a 30-year-old Lilian Muli Act Like a Teenager 

Jamaican dancehall singer Konshens landed in Nairobi on Wednesday for his anticipated Hype Fest Concert set for this Saturday at the Ngong Race Course, Nairobi.

The singer is expected to perform alongside Ethic, The Kansoul, Ochungulo Family among others at the event and it seems it will be one of the biggest concerts in Nairobi this year, especially, for Nairobi ladies.

Unlike Konshens’ previous visit in 2014, this one will be rather different.

He’s as a single man now after breaking up with his wife Latoya Wright last week. Nairobi ladies are hoping they’ll get a piece of the famous star this time around.

Back in 2014 when he came, Lilian Muli got a chance to interview him and Kenyans weren’t happy at all.

Muli, who was visibly excited in the Citizen TV live interview, surprised many with her teenage-like behavior and blushy-giggles. She was later accused of flirting with the singer on live TV.

Lilian Muli and Konshens in 2014
Lilian Muli and Konshens after the controversial interview.

She looked unprofessional and social media couldn’t take it, blasting her for “shaming” Kenyan journalists. We shouldn’t blame her though.

It seems Konshens has this effect on many women. And Muli was on the wrong because she just happened to be on camera.

Watch how Muli reacted during the one-on-one interview.

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