[memes] 12 Times President Robert Mugabe Jokes Made Us Laugh Hysterically

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The Late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Photo: Courtesy

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa broke the news of Robert Mugabe’S death through his official Twitter handle confirming rumours of Robert’s death. Robert Mugabe is considered the founding father of Zimbabwe, ruled the South African based state for 37 years between 1980 to 2017.

During his maiden days as a President, late Robert Mugabe was cool and refreshing when it came to giving life lessons through quotes. Even though his quotes were humorous and funny, they carried huge life lessons.

According to most netizens, Mugabe will be fondly remembered for his “crazy quotes” and memes that constantly filled our timelines.

Here are some of them.

  • When he highlighted on the correlations between relationships and money

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  • When he joked about courting school girls.

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  • When he thought tit for tat was the best way to handle relationship wrangles.

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  • When he attacked ladies who put their phones on flight mode.

  • When cigarette lovers were served with their own slice of the cake.

  • When he thought that there is no such thing as a perfect woman. Men were advised accordingly.

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  • When he came to the aid of most women who were unsure of getting the perfect man.

  • Having trouble understanding your lady? Mugabe quotes came through..

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  • When he advised men on women cheating on their partners.

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  • And how could he forget the Ex-boyfriends and Girlfriends?

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