Money Heist Season 4 Out! KOT React On Standard Chartered Theft

The news about thieves who stole whooping 72 Million from standard chartered Bank masquerading as police officers on Thursday Morning blew social media as Netizens reacted hilariously to the sad event.

Kenyans have a way of making fun out of everything and the bizarre incident where a lot of money was stolen skillfully without a single bullet was not an exception.

Image result for standard chartered bank nairobi west branch
Image courtesy: G4S Van

According to reports, the money was stolen as the G4S van transported the money to Standard Bank in Nairobi West branch, while the rest was withdrawn from the ATM.

The story that has been number one trending on Twitter has seen Kenyans liken it to the famous series known as Money Heist where one of the actresses is known as Nairobi. Other hilariously praised the skilful thieves stating that theft was the only way to riches.

Judging from the trending topics on social media, you would think that season 4 of Money Heist series is out!

Here are the reactions;

It is funny how, instead of condemning theft, most Kenyas flooded social media lauding the thieves for stealing such an amount of money.

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