Ruto Leads Kenyans Against Standard Newspaper’s ‘Controversial’ Headline

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Deputy President William Ruto at a past event. He has termed a headline report by The Standard Newspaper as baseless and false. Photo/File

Deputy President William Ruto, together with a section of Kenyans on Twitter, have come out to strongly condemn The Standard newspaper over what the DP termed as the media’s desperate gutter journalism.

Ruto was reacting to a Monday headline story by the media house involving President Uhuru Kenyatta who was jetting back from Japan and his deputy Dr. William Ruto who had gone to the airport together with Nandi governor Stephen Sang to receive the head of state.

The Standard Newspaper Headline on Monday 2nd September 2019. Photo/Courtesy

According to the Standard Newspaper, the Presidential guards had ordered a section of official photographers to delete pictures capturing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reception on his arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The paper reported that after greeting those who had lined up at the airport to welcome him, the President allegedly got into his limousine to leave for State House before briefly stopping his vehicle and Uhuru’s aide-de-camp alighted and talked to President Escort Unit Commander Josphat Kirim.

President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) with Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo at the Tokyo International Conference in Japan. Photo/Courtesy

It is alleged that this is where the President issued instructions to his men who singled out a few photographers and ordered them to delete the photos they had taken of the President’s arrival. It is reported that Sang’s presence at the airport might have evoked the decision.

However, taking to his Twitter account to express his displeasure, the simply agitated Deputy President William Ruto rubbished the newspaper’s report terming it as gutter press journalism.

Ruto was later joined by a section of online users who condemned the newspaper of always attacking the DP with others linking the report to the fact that the company’s major shareholder is Moi’s family.

According to some of the users, Gideon Moi who is William Ruto’s main political opponent in the Rift Valley region was using the newspaper to settle his political soars with the DP. Here are some of the reactions;

Kipkeleny Tulwo The standard, owned by the Moi family, is in the mission of drowning some competitors one by one but unfortunately for them, we have highly informed citizenry.

Patrick Amin The story is good yes, but did it deserve to be a splash or even a page 2, 3, or 4 story! If I were the Standard editor, this is a story I would published as a brief. Please, publish stories that can challenge the government to swing into action and impact on the society. Hizi fitina za wamama achieni bloggers or the Weekly Citizen. I think such a story is not even worthy for The Nairobian.


Marsh Sam Do this guys know the importance of headlines? Is this worth a headline really? So what? Give better read not gutter press stuff!!

Yvette Carol As long as Daktari is fine, they can delete everything if they want to and even put railas pictures

Max Kip Guys please just understand the standard they just want their paper to sell nothing at all

Benard Kiprono Reminder guys.Standard media is part of fake news.It’s advancing moi’sm as advanced by GM.It’s propagating hate.Note that this supposed story has not been reported by reputable media houses such as Nation and Royal Media.Therefore ignore this rubbish being propagated by Standard media .

Replying to Mkubwa hiii isikusumbuee , hii niya kufunga nyama

Kirior S Eli Standard is leading fakenews media owner is known to spread lies of division in jubellee btween uhuru n dp they deal in jubellee affairs and dp ruto is topic in pointblank.gazeti ni ya kufungia nyama

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