How Uhuru Wrestled Power from Raila- MP Reveals

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President Kenyatta confers with ODM Leader Raila Odinga at a past function PHOTO: Courtesy

Firebrand Nyeri politician Ngunjiri Wambugu has revealed how President Uhuru Kenyatta tactfully wrestled power from a vicious Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

In the months leading up to the controversial 2017 General elections, Raila Odinga was poised to clinch the Presidency to become the fourth occupant of the highest office of the land.

A last-minute decision by the Justice Maraga-led Judiciary would further throw a spanner into the works of President Kenyatta’s hopes resulting in a repeat election which was hugely snubbed by almost half of the country.

While Kenyatta went ahead to win the repeat elections-which were widely perceived to be a race against himself, the country remained polarized, with Deputy President Dr William Ruto preaching an ‘accept and move on” gospel.

The tension was followed by two swearing-in ceremonies by President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga which further strained relationships between the two.

A March, 9 truce between the two power quarters would result in the “Handshake” which was widely criticised by DP Ruto.

In Ngunjiri’s post on Sunday, the controversial Nyeri politician said that “everything Ruto is doing today Raila did many times and for many years.”

The Nyeri MP would divulge how President Kenyatta wrestled the ‘populist’ mentality from Raila Odinga to domicile him to whatever he is now.

He also called the official Government Opposition as “Vacant.”

Since Raila “joined Government in 2018, Dr Ruto has been critical of his former party boss, whom he alleged was out to undermine his unity with Kenyatta.

Raila Odinga has since been a staunch supporter of President Kenyatta and was awarded the lucrative position of AU Special envoy for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

The increased closeness between Kenyatta and Odinga has seen Odinga’s rivalry with Dr Ruto renewed, with the DP going round the country throwing jabs at the ODM supremo.



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