Silly Excuses Nairobi women give while cheating on their men

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While it might seem that men cheat more than women, women also do cheat, and there are some emotional characteristics cheating women share. A cheating woman knows that there are many skeletons in her closet, so she has a somewhat secretive nature to hide her deeds.

It hurts bad when your partner cheats on you and no one is deserving of such heartbreak. inasmuch as we might not accept it, there are many reasons why women cheat and a lot of men are currently stuck in a relationship where they’re being cheated on without knowing it.

You see, lying and cheating are a bit similar; they both share the same qualities of being deceitful, dishonest and untrustworthy. A woman who can easily tell a lie would also easily cheat on her man.

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In modern day relationships, they normally suffer issues, however, they go just the same way they come. When your woman suddenly begins to take minor issues too seriously or she just drags them longer than necessary, it’s most likely because she’s already and looking for an excuse to break up, so she can move on.

When men were asked of the excuses their ladies gave for not being available on Friday night, here is what they had to say.

When your lady gradually withdraws, and spends less time with you than she does with others, it’s a telling sign that she’s finding more comfort outside and with those other people.

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