Cancer Scourge: Painful Journey of Man Without Tongue for More than Five Years

Salim Mohamed who has lived without tongue for five years. Photo: MillardAyo.

A Tanzanian man is seeking financial help from well-wishers to facilitate a medical operation that will enable him to obtain a tongue

Salim Mohamed was diagnosed with tongue cancer and thereafter underwent an operation that led to his tongue being cut more than five years ago. 

According to his wife Fatuma Mohamed, who spoke to Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo, the husband developed a small bump on his tongue and it continued to grow and widened as days went by. 

He went for a medical check-up where he was given some medication but the condition deteriorated.

He was thereafter referred to India for further medication where his tongue was cut and replaced with a part of his thigh.

“After coming from India he was supposed to get back for further medication…. we sought help to get back there where he underwent an operation and given another tongue. But after coming back things went worse as the replaced tongue began rotting and his mouth has a hole,” said Fatuma.

For six years, the wife says he has been living in pain and being unable to talk, eat or sleep. 

She adds that the family fortunes have been depleted to facilitate her medical care.

According to WebMD one of the first signs of tongue cancer is a lump or sore on the side of your tongue that doesn’t go away. 

It may be pinkish-red in color. Sometimes the sore will bleed if you touch or bite it.

The website also says it is caused by tobacco use, alcohol use, jagged teeth, not taking care of your teeth and gums.

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