Police forced to intervene as census enumerator pees in other official’s living room

A census official recording information

Police in Murang’a have arrested a census enumerator after an incident that puzzled the residents. The police were forced to intervene after the census official showed up at a home without the gadgets for conducting the process.

Alex Musyia who is the Muranga East police boss, stated that the enumerator was apprehended after he urinated in a family’s living room.

According to Musyia , the house where the incident took place belonged to a Nyumba Kumi official.

A census enumerator

The police boss indicated that the enumerator was under the influence when doing the act.

The Nyumba Kumi head narrated that the man was staggering and disorderly when he removed his trousers and peed in front of the family.

The drunkard was later taken to hospital where he sobered up.

On Wednesday, man from Kakamega left enumerators puzzled after he registered his lorry as his home.

The individual identified as Mohammed Muhati, disclosed that the lorry under his ownership was where he has been living.

Sources indicated that the man who resides in Embu town had been forced to find shelter in the vehicle after he was thrown out of his house by the landlord.

The 57-year-old explained that accumulated arrears as a result of financial problems had resulted in losing the rented house.

A lorry at a garage in Kenya

On Tuesday, some adamant locals ganged up to chase away census officials from their homes during the ongoing national exercise.

Two residents from the region had already been apprehended by the police after they refused to engage in the exercise.

Three other people were arrested in Tharaka Nithi after they declined to have their information recorded for census purposes.

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