I am Prodigal Son! Weezdom Apologizes Crawling Back To EMB Records

They say East west home is the best, and for gospel artiste Weezdom, the statement makes more sense. After exiting EMB records 6 months ago and joining DJ Sadic recording label, Genius Records,  the Amenitoa far singer ditched DJ Sadic recording label and made up his mind to go back citing that EMB  was his mother, and he was the prodigal son.

Taking to social media, he narrated how he has made wrong moves in the past three years he has been in music. However, he apologized to Bahati over the nasty break up they had when he left EMB records.

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BEFORE TELLING BAHATI THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME BACK TO #EMB ;I’D LIKE TO SHARE SOMETHING… I’ve been In Music for 3 years Now and I thank God for the Steps I’ve made and as well as Repent for my Mistakes

Weezdom Stated.

He went further to explain how his pastor advised him to go back EMB because God had connected him to Bahati for apurpose but he kept on fighting the truth instead of respecting the anointing.

 … about few Months ago when I went to Pray with my Pastor Joyce Blessing as I really desired a New level and GOD spoke through her something that I’ve never Shared with anyone. The Pastor Turned to me and said “Weezdom God does not move with Contradictions (Luke 13:3) : There’s a Man that God used to help you in your Ministry but you Chose to fight him instead of respecting his anointing” It immediately hit me of my Ungrateful Ness. To be sincere I did not want the Pastor to Know that God was referring to Bahati, but in my heart I made a decision to look for him especially for his blessings as my Musical Father. And that’s Why many have never Understood Why I always Publicly I apologise to this Brother.

Weezdom narrated

Finally, Weezdom showered Bahati with praises saying that he had supported many gospel artistes

No One can deny that Bahati has Supported many New Artiste’s than any other in this current Industry but ata bila Kumsifu Tunaona Vile God anamlipa. I also took a few Days off the Music and Social Media to allow God to Mould me to be the Artist HE wants and it feels Great to be Back for this New Level. And Even as @Bahatikenya Launches this New #EMBENTERTAINMENT HQ. I Agree to Say I AM A PRODIGAL SON and I am Back Home! #WEEZDOMBACKTOEMB

Recap of how Weezdom exited EMB records(Video)

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua gave Weezdom a warm welcome. Taking to social media they wrote warm messages to the prodigal son who decided to come back home.




Walk this path with Pride and May His Love be revealed through you ❤️🙏

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