Exposed! Investigative stories Kenyans should look forward to this coming weekend

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Investigative journalism has recently been on a high with Kenyans looking forward to watching catchy yet shocking stories which have been gracing our screens. Journalists have mastered their art, having engaged people in conversations and keeping them on the loop on what goes on behind the scenes. Remember the Red alert done by NTV a few weeks ago?

The measures taken had some supermarkets closing down their food section, which was a plus to both Kenyans and the journalist because the media served one of it’s mandate to serve the public with information.

This Sunday, there will be two investigative stories that will be aired on our local stations and it’s best if you kept tabs with them. Citizen will unearth looting done in Mara University. Officials at the institution has been robbing off needy students over 25 million in the name of fines.

It’s so sad that University leadership are consuming students money at their comfort and yet parents are sacrificing alot to ensure that our kids gets good education.

Another story to watch out is an undercover investigation on how a government agency responsible for protecting the welfare of children has now turned to be their tormentor, running a scheme where special needs children are used for profit. The CEO of Child Welfare Society of Kenya who has acquired top of the list for Child rights violations and embezzlement of funds meant for orphaned and vulnerable children.

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This has caused uproar as the President has been on the forefront in making the big-four agenda effective and thus, such officers should be stopped by all means before it gets out of hand.

Below are some reactions as you look forward to watching the two stories.

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