Ruto Fires Back at Raila Over Threats to Sweep Away Tanga Tanga




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Collage photo of Deputy President William Ruto and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga.COURTESY

Deputy President William Ruto has hit back at Opposition Leader Raila Odinga over his Sunday remarks, threatening to use a political storm that will sweep away the DP and his allies should they oppose constitutional reforms proposed by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Taking to his Twitter account on Tuesday evening, the DP told Raila that the Jubilee Party was not about to be threatened by his ‘tsunami-bravado hubris’, or take in any of his threats as his aim is to push for winners vs losers debate on the BBI.

Dr Ruto went further to state that his party was only going to engage in sober, inclusive and objective constitutional changes which will only result in a win-win outcome.

“Jubilee rejects the tsunami-bravado hubris & threats by those pushing for a divisive winners vs losers debate on the BBI. We will encourage sober, inclusive & objective citizen conversation on all proposals to ensure the views of all Kenyans count to create a win-win outcome,” read Ruto’s tweet.

Speaking during a tour in Kibra where he announced his plans for the by-election, Raila stated that the BBI team was in the process of making referendum plans, which will sweep away Tanga Tanga allies – a reference to Ruto’s camp.

“There are very good views from Kenyans and once the report is out, we will publish it for Kenyans to give their views then go for a referendum. I have seen a storm, there are signs that it will rain. There’s is a storm that will take all the Tanga Tanga people to the ocean,” stated Raila amid cheers by the wild crowd at Kamukunji grounds.

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