Former Transport Licensing Board Boss Dies

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Former Transport Licensing Board Chairman Hassan ole Kamwaro has succumbed to throat cancer.

Kamwaro succumbed to the illness while receiving treatment in America according to the family.

Kamwaro served in the board until 2012 when former President Mwai Kibaki replaced him with Eng Joseph Kamau Thuo.

His reign was characterized with increased cases of road accidents which he blamed on the Ministry of Transport, motor vehicle inspection unit, roads department and the traffic police for not moving with speed to address the issue.

69-year old Hassan ole Kamwaro (right) stands next to his third wife, 23-year-old Eunice Sisian at his office compound in Nairobi on the 4th of November 2013. The couple got married on Saturday 1st of December in a traditional wedding in Olchorro Narok. This is the first time Eunice has been to the city of Nairobi.

Kamwaro made headlines in 2013 after marrying a 23 year village girl, Eunice Sesian, at a ceremony that had brought to the fore the clash between modernity and culture among the Maasai, a community that has kept its customs largely intact in the face of Westernisation.

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