Baringo’s Neglected Valley Tops North Rift in Chang’aa Production

Chang’aa brewing in Nalemwong’ong’en valley of Baringo is on the rise. Photo/File

A renowned valley, Along Tiaty Border, Baringo County is rising to fame after becoming the brewing den for illicit liquor and a leading producer of Chang’aa in North Rift region.

The valley, commonly known as the Valley of  Nalemwong’ong’en near Kiboluk bordering Kalabata and Tiaty is now becoming the leading producer of the illicit brew Chang’aa thanks to neglect and lase in the security sector.

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A local source privy to the undertakings who sought anonymity told a local publication that the brewing in the area is growing despite the presence of security personnel.

After a successful maturity of the ‘sweet juice’, the products are then distributed by motorcycles to various parts of the region mostly trading centres in Baringo and Elgeiyo Marakwet counties.

“After production, they are illegally transported by bodaboda riders via Arror then distributed to various consumption destinations”, a vigilant resident revealed.

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A man displays a ladies’ undergarment recovered from Chang’aa brew. Photo/File

Worst hit areas/centres include Kalabata, Bartabwa, Barwesa, Keturwo, Kiboino, Kapsowar along Kerio valley and also Kaptimbor in Kabarnet.

This comes amid a sporadic wave of insecurity and rising cases of malaria along the volatile Baringo North, Tiaty border. So far, over 6 people have reportedly died as county government leaders move with slow pace despite the disease being treatable and preventable.

Keitany Bethwel plain truth ladies and gentlemen. can i mention their names here? that menace should be adressed once by the folliwing assistant chiefs; lotulia, luker, kiplalon and chapeta. that ilicit drug soon our society will luck pre school children.

Ruben Komen I know that area, loywet, tokomoi kipnai those are areas pokot brew ilicit brew, they suply to Tugen.




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