What would you do if your partner deprived you communication with your relatives?

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Many of us may not know when we do it, but we might be clinging to our partners without an idea that we are choking them. In the name of love and affection, we cling so strongly and make the relationship quite toxic. Imagine living with a woman who has barred you from seeing your parents or sending money to them because she ‘dislikes your people’? And for you to communicate with your siblings or parents, you have to do it in the office or hide in the bathroom.

In every relationship where partners are satisfied, happy, and understand each other; it could be said that the partners in that relationship have good communication. The reason many relationships suffer communication problems is that both partners tend to talk and not listen to each other.

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Maybe your partner is toxic/clingy what would you do? The overprotective nature of a clingy partner will lead to so many conflicts and confrontation. On the other hand, the affected partner will feel aggrieved and subdued while the clingy partner will want to be in control, which will lead to confrontation and disagreements.

Would you consider to live with your partner if they continually disapproved your communication with your relatives?

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