Lisa Gaitho drastically switches up her look as she turns 30 (Photo)

The legendary Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and for Lisa Gaitho her haircut marks a new chapter in her life.

After months of rekindling her relationship with God and finding herself, Lisa Gaitho is marking her new chapter with a bold, blonde, done-hiding haircut.

She debuted her new look on Instagram with the caption, “All I can do is give glory to my Father. For 29 years I did things my way. I conformed to the ways of the world and went with the flow. He allowed my madness for that many years but 30 wouldn’t find me lost. He now has total control and determines every move. I do only what He tells me and that obedience reveals Him in ways I can’t even put into words. If I’d known fully belonging to God is such a phenomenal experience, I’d have come to Him much sooner! John 1:13. Cheers to 30!!!!”

Vow of Celibacy

Joining the buzzcut-bandwagon is not the only drastic change Lisa has made in recent times. In February 2019, Lisa took a public vow of celibacy in a video titled ‘Why I’m single and Celibate in 2019’.

In the video, she disclosed that she called it quits with her Nigerian beau since he wasn’t in line with God’s will for her.

She later went on to share her history of dating problematic men. Miss Gaitho revealed that she dated a man who cheated on her with Cushitic girls and so she controverted to Islam with the hopes that he would become faithful. He didn’t.

She also confessed that she had procured an abortion at the age of 19 and that her tubes became blocked after contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) from one of her campus boyfriends. The declaration that her tubes got blocked sparked a rumour that she is now barren, a rumour she cleared during an interview with True Love Magazine.

“People have said I am barren, I am not. My tubes are blocked, they can be opened or I could have and IVF and have a baby. But kids are not my priority right now. I am trusting God’s timing and plan,” she revealed.

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