I love Diamond – Tanasha issues statement amid cheating allegations

Tanasha Donna aka Mama K has issued her first statement amid allegations that Diamond is cheating on her.

According to the grapevine, Platnumz’s side piece had tried storming into Tanasha’s baby shower but was frozen outside by bouncers so she started sending insulting messages to Diamond. A situation that forced the ‘Inama’ singer to go to the washroom to make a call in a bid to calm the incensed lady. It is alleged that after he left the bathroom, the lady in question started blowing up his phone with insulting messages and a video call, messages that Tanasha allegedly saw.

As the rumours swirl around, Tanasha has categorically stated that she adores her baby daddy. This was in an Instagram post which she captioned I know you hated your outfit and your look but I loved it. You always sexy to me. Love this man.”

Her post has been seen as damage control by Netizens who in usual fashion aired their sentiments. See their comments below:

Hellen Wachira: I wish Tanasha had taken time before getting paged….

Shee Mtoto Wa Mwikali: Mimi kama minion wa Zari Bae💝 nacheka najiharia😂😂😂😂You can never change a man unless he is in diapers😂😂😂Umalaya uko kwa DNA ya Mondi,Dating this thing shld be included in a 1000 ways to die

Elizabeth Winnie: Waaah diamond is making this girl crazy sloowly

Bella Bella Huyu ako telemundo mode sai,ata zari alikuwa hapo na sai ako nazar mode

Waithera Njoroge Which sane human being would date such a guy with hopes of getting married and changing him? I thought such naivety iliisha 2010…you can get a monkey from the forest but you can’t get the forest out of him…once a hoe always a hoe🙄🙄

Danny Dye: Huyu dem ako na nguvu😭😭😭

Tasha St Patrick: to date diamond you need more than strength

Lisa Cross: She sounds delusional ☹️

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