Hakuna Mademoni!! Controversial Pastor Ng’ang’a staged Miracle goes horribly wrong

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Neno Evangelist Pastor Ng’anga‘a Photo: Courtesy

From humiliating ladies at his church to sending coded messages left, right and centre, controversial Pastor Ng’ang’a has shown it all. Recently, Ng’ang’a pulled another dramatic scene in his Neno Evangelism ministries by parading ladies at his pulpit and one lady stood out. The woman was standing with her arms folded and  Pastor Ng’ang’a was seen mocking her saying ‘So what’.

The woman then gave him a side-eye to which the pastor responded by also folding his arms and slightly shoving the woman with his elbows asking her what she will do to him. She seemed to serve him right with her hard-head and mocked the preacher, only to realize that it’s acted up.

The entire clip later surfaced on Saturday, it captured the preacher summoning to the pulpit, the devastated woman claiming to be possesed with demons that were after Pastor Ng’ang’a. With a few exchange of words, Ng’ang’a retreated a few steps before roaming back with thunderous prayers that knocked the woman down. One could easily identify that she was acting it all up.

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