Are you a Wing-woman? When blocking potential husbands goes wrong

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Every relationship we get ourselves into,  wea become a little more careful to avoid settling with the wrong person. Marriage doesn’t do or die, take your time to learn who wants to take you on as their partner. And that way, we can all avoid more regrets.

Humans aspire to grow and get better with each passing day. One of the standout attributes of a real man is the type of dreams he has, and the things he does to achieve them. There are loads of men who claim to have dreams, yet they don’t show in their attitude they actually want to grow and be successful.

Image result for black woman and her friends

Women take pride in knowing that they have a man that can withstand and survive any type of temptation. A woman’s biggest joy comes from knowing that her man isn’t the type to flirt with her friends and other women. A man who flirts and sleeps around hurts his woman’s pride.

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