Reasons why Lingard must be a starter even with meagre record

The half-life of quality performance in the English Premier League is frankly a mysterious thing.

Some players can leverage a good display into a free ride for quite a while; some barely get the leeway of one poor game before the critics re-emerge.

Manchester United is a good example for our said statement. It is evident that the Red Devils do not receive equal treatments from the entire club’s fraternity.


Let’s have a comparison of two United players- Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard to build our case.

Vilified and adored in equal measure, Pogba plays a very significant role in the dressing room of Man United. He is an on and off player, but that is the nature of football.

The Frenchman usually receives a lot of praise when he scores or makes an important assist in a match. But this praise is always short-lived as he becomes a subject of abuse and troll for a little mistake, which is common to any human being. This is the time when his colour becomes visible to fans with many calling for his release.

Lingard, on his part, is one of the players who are considered ‘golden boys’ in the club as their mistakes or meagre shows have never been visible to many.

For instance, since May last year, the English midfielder has only provided 4 goals and 2 assists but was never mentioned among the players that need to be released in the summer.

So the biggest question is- Why is he still a starter yet he has no goal or assist in 2019?

Fans had this to say regarding the troubling question;


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