Shock as Bomet ‘Physician’ Inserts Medicine into girl’s private parts using manhood

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The 16-year-old victim is said to have been sexually abused by an alleged medical physician when she went to seek medical attention at his clinic. Photo/File

Residents of Chebunyo Village in Chepalungu Constituency, Bomet County were on Wednesday left shocked after a middle-aged man allegedly defiled a 16-year-old girl.

According to the police report, the incident took place when the victim went to the suspect’s medical clinic to be treated for a headache, heartburn and a urinary problem.

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A hanged doctors lab coat. The suspect was allegedly accused of using his manhood to drive medication up the victim’s private parts. Photo/File

“The physician who is known as Kibet told her that some medication was supposed to be inserted inside her private parts. At first, he inserted it using his fingers and later told her he will use his penis to insert it. The victim later realised she was being defiled when the suspect ejaculated,” reads a police report filed by the teenager at Chebunyo police post.

It is not yet clear whether the suspect was a trained medical officer or just another quack operating without any license. Police are yet to make any arrests since the suspect is reported to have gone into hiding immediately after the act.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital to receive quick emergency services and medical check-up.

The incident comes at a time when Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has declared that all pregnant school girls will no longer be expelled from school.

Magoha said the girls will instead be re-admitted back to their schools after delivery adding that they will be compelled to reveal the identity of the boy or man who made them pregnant, either with their consent or through rape.

There have been rising cases of rape and early pregnancies in the country which have caused a lot of online debates;

Maina British So after using fingers this man declared that its enough and can fit his charger ooh unto him the ‘phone’ overheated….oh my Kenya mama yangu!

Bonny Pasi Wah mbona hakuenda kuchota mafuta Tanzania

Orrorin Stackass Samuels How did he do that? We need practical lessons from that boychild. Smart people like that can change our country

Mueni Prisca The doctor and the gal have more to tell. How many drugs were being inserted

Nyambura Mburu I heard such case some yrs ago where the gal refused to abort n the guy inserted the drug thru the penis…i don know how but the abortion took place…………hii sijafungua link coz ya #Freemode manenos😆😆😆

Richard Bmc Msanii Kiraki this news can make someone laugh but still again laughing is not acceptable in such serious so u hold ua laughter

Mfalme Daudi Esty Most probably it’s penisline, dicklofenac, and accompanied with arimis for smooth rubbing

Cymon Kimani People joke too much. Ati she only realized she was being defiled after he ejaculated!…so hiyo time ingine yote she knew ni dawa ilikua inasndiliwa ama!

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