Bora Uhai and other common sayings understood by Kenyans

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Kenya may have two official languages -English & Kiswahili but the country boasts a third, rather unofficial and earthbound language: Kenyan slang.

For a moment, we have to accept that Kenyans are the most creative, funny and greatest people of all time. There’s nothing Kenyans enjoy more than a good gossip session, where this phrase could freely be found in abundance. Some come and go like ‘Cheza kama wewe’ some are best used by certain professionals like accountants. We’ve all been told statements like: It’s in the system Haijareflect? and Unajua signatory mmoja hajasign. 

Most time we will always come up with something to sum up everything we would want to say in our casual convos. We refer them to Kenyan proverbs, some are crypted and would have more than one meaning but can be easily understood by most of us.

Bora Uhai
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With proverbs, Kenyans typically use comparisons drawn from everyday life to express some deeper meaning.

For our most cherished politicians, you would hear one say, “Hon. Y isn’t bad, it’s the people around him.”

Netizens have launched an online debate on some of the commonly used slang sayings that beautify our conversations. Other common are: Naenda hivi nacome, Ama vipi, My frend, Pambana na hali yako,

Below are some slang proverbs commonly used by Kenyans .

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