Matiang’i’s Plea to Alcohol Lovers on Census Day Backfires

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’ i. PHOTO/COURTESY

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i’s advice to alcohol lovers, on Thursday, was received with a lot of criticism from Kenyans who took to social media to air their views.

Speaking on the upcoming census, Matang’i pointed out that Kenyans wishing to indulge in alcohol on the census start day were only allowed to do so until 5 pm in the evening.

“At a personal level, I would not encourage you to drink, but at an official level, I’m telling you that you can go have your drink between 2 pm and 5 pm. And more experienced people tell me that if you’re not satisfied with beer for three whole hours, then there is a problem with you,” Matiang’i stated.

The tough-talking CS also went further to send a word to football fanatics as he urged them to watch their games at their places of residence.

“You can also watch Liverpool and Arsenal play at home with your family. Maybe they will have a chance which they rarely have of watching a football match with you,” Matiang’i remarked.

However to many Kenyans, Matiang’i’s plea was far-fetched as majority vowed to resist. Here is what Kenyans had to say;

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