Kenyan Politicians Shamed After New Zealand Speaker Babysits Child in Parliament

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In an interesting turn of events, the high and mighty in Kenya have been taught a lesson on humanity straight from the First World.

A New Zealand Speaker who was photographed taking up babysitting duties from one of the politicians in the House has broken the internet this side of the Sahara. The leader took up all the roles including feeding, playing and rocking the infant while proceedings went on as planned.

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This has shocked many Kenyans as just a few weeks ago, a female member of Parliament was kicked out of the House for bringing her child with her. Kwale Women Representative Zuleika Hassan who had entered the chambers with her five-month-old baby was ordered to leave by the speaker o leave.

Check out the video below:

Kenyans have taken this opportunity to bash our leaders for being inhumane where women’s issues are concerned. Check out their reactions below:

Judy Ngeno Janeth In Kenya ,the session had to be postponed so that the baby can gotten rid of with the mum

Pauline Wambui Here in Kenya we dont gv Pple an inch bcoz they wl take a mile. To avoid a repetation a stitch in tym saves nine. Next tym one of them wld hav risked wth a whole family. Follow laws bfore laws follow u.

Mwangi Wanjohi In Kenya its tricky, just one month and the baby’s name is sneaked in the payroll with all allowances too! Poor nation!

Sume William Don’t try to compare this to Kenya,80% of our legislatures are hooligans

Kibe Simon This are humans, what we have in parliament is mpigs, you all know, so why compare animals and human beings

Marshal Mi Contrasting reasoning capacities…,…..OR HOW BEST DO YOU COMPARE THE TWO SCENARIOS?????

Edu Kipngeno Poor Africans,see Europeans superior. Interchange the occurrence en we’d be singing differently.

Duncan Armstrong Baby in parliament
Duale: Mr speaker..i can smell some baby poop

Divine Favour our Kenyans colleagues called the baby unwanted stranger! !!what an irony.


OK, Lets put it in Kenyan headline version;


What we have to show in this banana republic of ours is poorly brought up men who believe children belong to their mothers.Halafu mashenzi wengine pale parliament wanasema there is a stranger in the house😂😂😂


This is a true man!! So touching, kenyan legislators should be blushing with shame!!!


I wonder what would happen if we al (, bankers, teachers, doctors, police, supermaket attendants….)decided to carry our babies to work ?


Our problem or rather their problem is having small minds hence dwelling on minor issues! Surely, it’s just a baby. Let it be and discuss important issues.


I saw women tell that female mp off ndio nikajua women are their own enemies


The only problem with kenya,if one woman I allowed to bring the baby @ parliament,the second parliament sitting,youll see 20babies😂😂


And in Kenya, the Parliament proceeding stopped to talk about baby and the mother! Small minds


Si Kenya tulirogwaa,, Nani hajui?

Peter Bwogwandi I always tell people Aden Duale head is full of camel pees.

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