Kenya Airways angry customers take to social media over frequent flight cancellation

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Kenya Airways apparent frequent flight cancellation is beginning to hurt its relationship with users if social media complaints are anything to go by.

Once ranked as Africa’s most successful airline with routes across the continent, KQ’s service delivery to users has come into sharp focus over the past few years.

A tour on Facebook and twitter returns hundreds of complaints against KQ from disgruntled customers who some of whom only learn of the cancellation after spending hours at a particular airport.

The complaints are not limited to Kenyans but from across Africa, considering KQ is one among few airlines with multiple routes across the continent


While flight cancellation is common in the airline industry, KQ has been put on the spot on several occasion for its poor or no communication at all prior to the cancellation.

Some of the reasons which could result in flights being canceled are lack of pilot (s) or crew, mechanical problems, poor weather, security reasons, poor passenger numbers and lack of enough aircraft to handle multiple routes.


In its rare responses to disgruntled customers on twitter, KQ neither gives details for flight cancellation nor definite timelines affected travelers have to wait.

The national airline has been struggling in the recent past, posting loses in successive financial years under two different CEO after the exit of Titus Naikuni under whose reign the company posted profits.

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