Burale’s Bro code rules Kenyan men should live by

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All guys grow up with these unwritten rules and they (rules) are the reasons why guys never joke with their pals. Uhuru and Ruto are the best male versions when highlighting on Kenyan bromance. What separates a normal guy friend from a bro is a set of unspoken rules that govern the relationship, therefore being termed as bro codes.

It mainly entails a movement that lives with trading insults as greetings and getting along despite the dangerous and embarrassing and dangerous pranks that they pull on each other.

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As the week is coming to an end, most of you are looking forward to the weekend, forget the new Matiang’i rule, but I am sure most of you will ensure to hang out before 5 pm. Now like all other social situations, there are unwritten codes of conduct for hanging out with the guys which I feel like more often than not are ignored.

Robert Burale is a renown relationship and life coach and below were some bro codes rules he thought Kenyan men should live by:

  • Bros over women

Other women in a man’s life apart from his wife and close family members should not come in between bro’s.

  • A Bro shall honour his family

A man should take up the role and work hard to provide for his family and those he holds dear. He should protect them with his life. The pack, therefore, allows a bro to spend quality time with his family. should he neglect them, the bro is allowed to castigate him accordingly.

  • A bro should always remain loyal to his bros

Loyalty is the most important virtue that binds bros. Breaking the law is considered as bro-treason and unforgivable.

  • The bro code is okay as long as men don’t walk around holding hands as they talk.

  • A man who does not have men close to him will not be a successful husband.

  • Men without bro-code relations are likely to committing suicide because they don’t have an outlet.
  • Bro code is all about helping each other grow.

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