Tanasha Donna’s Cryptic Romantic Message To Diamond Ahead of Baby Shower

With only a few hours to Tanasha Donna’s highly anticipated baby shower, she cannot wait to have her baby daddy Diamond Platinumz back home and she is using the cryptic message to show how much he misses him.

The baby shower is expected to happen on Thursday, 22nd August at  Best Western Coral Beach Hotel in Tanzania, and Diamond promised to be there.


Taking to social media, Tanasha shared more of her baby bump shoot pictures and captioned one of them with this message!


How I be looking at him when he’s back home 😜❤️🙈

It is clear that Tanasha has been living in Tanzania with Diamond’s family awaiting to deliver in less than three weeks.

In response, Diamond Platinumz wrote to Tanasha telling her that he was on his way home.


lol…….on the way!!!😋


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How I be looking at him when he’s back home 😜❤️🙈

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Tanasha has exhibited a high level of resilience in loving Diamond Platinumz amidst critics and trolls from various people including Diamond’s ex-baby mama Zari Hassan. Many have been warning her against Diamond Platinumz arguing that he will dump her immediately she gives birth.

Image Courtesy; Tanasha Donna

Instead of focusing on the negative vibes, Tanasha has always remained silent until recently when she defended Diamond over womanizer claims.

Taking to social media, Tanasha said that she cannot Judge Diamond Platinumz’ past because she also had a past with ex-boyfriends.

…Everyone has an ex. Everyone has a past. Before I started dating Diamond I had three different exes. So I can not judge someone by their past. Doesn’t mean that I am completely going to ignore it but I will not judge him. I am looking at him as he is now. If you treat me good now, then we are good. I will not go saying I can’t trust you because of your past. It does not concern me at all..


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Poor girl, the pressure got to her.

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