Kenyan Single Mother brutally attacked online after sharing her story


They say behind every single mother there is a story. Single mothers can be highly unappreciated sometimes. From the hardships they face to all the social prejudice and judgement they suffer through as women, single mothers often find themselves at the recieving end of  a lot of backlash.

Recently a Facebooker came out with a story about her situation on how she became a single mother. This is what she had to say:

My baby daddy left me because he was married,he came to the hospital the day gave birth and told me to my face that he can’t be a father to my baby coz I knew he was married all he wanted was just fun,and the fact he gave me money for abortion and I ddnt do it!I told his wife about it but the wife supported the hubby that he shouldn’t take care of my child!!2 years down the line I have never seen him!I regret chosing wrong father for my son but one day I believe he will come to look for my son cos him and his wife have 4 daughters and no son!

She then asked other Facebook single mothers how they became so, and was met with harsh reactions from Kenyans. Check them out below.

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