ISSA FACT: African Men are incapable of being Romantic



The problem with most Africans is that we watch foreign movies and get a different perspective on what ‘Romanticism’ is. We now hold men to different expectations. You’re still in Africa and furthermore, you’re in Kenya. When you wake up and smell the coffee you realize that there are romantic things that these men will never do for you. I mean sure, there are a handful of men who will go the extra mile but those are probably the ones who have lived abroad. Sounds harsh? Think about it.

Many marriages are just for sleeping and waking up, raising kids and aging together till death comes. Many couples hardly kiss and they only hug each other when they receive good news. The husband only puts food in his wife’s mouth only when she is terminally ill and can’t feed herself. If you see a man opening car door for his wife, it means the door is faulty.

The only thing that makes an African man touch his wife’s neck is when she complains of fever. He won’t touch it again till the next fever. The only time he can carry his wife on his arms is when she is in labour. If you see them seated outside at night, don’t think they are romantic. They are only waiting for the smell of insecticide to vanish! SMH.

Recently a Facebooker posed the same thought to other Kenyans an he got some reactions.

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