Blogger Abraham Mutai Tears Kalonzo Apart over Meeting Mt Kenya Leaders

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka. He is set to host a section of Mt. Kenya leaders at his Karen home on Tuesday 20th. Photo/File

A popular blogger from the Rift Valley, Lord Abraham Mutai has taken his blogging political wars to Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s doorsteps after reports emerged that Kalonzo was planning to meet a section of leaders from Mt Kenya region in his Karen Home.

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Popular Blogger Lord Abraham Mutai. Photo/File

According to the blogger, Kalonzo is planning to use Tuesday’s meeting to cunningly convince Mt. Kenya leaders to lay good grounds for his 2022 Presidential ambitions something Mutai observed that Kalonzo had lost every legitimacy and moral authority to offer any sound leadership.

The blogger’s vicious attacks came after a local online publication ruled out Kalonzo from the list of 2022 presidential contenders who are likely to find a soft landing in Mt Kenya region.

According to the site, Kalonzo has already embraced his ‘Watermelon’ tag due to his unpredictable and unreliable political behavior hence making it difficult for him to be trusted by Kenyans.

And with this in mind, the blogger went ahead to accuse Kalonzo of corruption allegations that rocked the country in the past citing in specific the case of NYS land in Yatta where Kalonzo was accused of grabbing.

There is a time the PRESIDENT of the Republic of Kenya listed Kalonzo as a beneficiary of the looted Public Land. In the list by Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo stole NYS land. That’s water under the bridge now! Tweeted Mutai.

He also termed Kalonzo as a selfish leader saying his people had not benefited from any major developments despite Kalonzo holding key positions in the past Moi and Kibaki governments. He cited Kalonzo’s recent sentiments “Naomba Rais anifanye Mtu wake wa Mkono” as selfish and only meant for his own good.

He also cited a recent scenario where Kalonzo was irritated by a question posed by media personnel during a press conference and in the process profiling the journalist by the tribe he comes from.

Kalonzo, in broad daylight, without hesitation or any sense of respect profiled a Kikuyu Reporter, that “His name betrayed him” to our utter shock. He never apologized to KENYANS yet he wants to be president. As long as we give such characters a chance, we will never know change





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